Justin Bailey

Justin Bailey is a cinematographer on the rise. Born in Scarborough, ON, he spent his formative years growing up in Markham before heading off to the University of Windsor. Graduating with honours in Communications media and film, he moved back to Toronto and began moonlighting as a freelance videographer while working full-time at a camera rental house during the day. This environment allowed his technical experience and love of cameras to grow exponentially along with his eye for cinematic elements. Over the years he has created content for brands including OVO, Maple Leaf Sports, SLAM magazine and the Serge Ibaka Foundation. He currently works in the commercial space as a freelance cinematographer/camera operator.

My connection to the Gold Series line goes beyond an opportunity to work. It speaks to my mother, my sister, my nieces and my community. I’m proud to know that the Gold Series line respects our stories and experiences and trusts us to present their products to the world from our own lens.