Daneille Mattis

Daneille Mattis is a professional makeup artist servicing the Greater Toronto Area. She has spent the last seven years perfecting her craft in order to provide her clients with a luxury once in a lifetime experience. Her work is known for its signature soft glam esthetic which focuses on enhancing beauty and creating flawless glowing skin.

As a black woman, I was elated to be a part of this campaign because of the mere fact that it focused on real black women with real hair stories! It was not just about how amazing the products are but it also highlighted the essence of black hair- showcasing it’s beauty and versatility- which is something we don’t see very often in campaigns. It was also amazing working on set and realizing that between the cast and the crew, we all have different hair types, textures and styles but shared very similar and relatable hair experiences- that’s how magical black hair is!