Shonna Foster

Shonna Foster is an award winning director, artist, and producer who is on a mission to Ieave this world a better place through the art of film and storytelling, and through her commitment supporting the careers of young and emerging talent.  Shonna received her B.F.A honours from York University, where she studied in the Creative Ensemble Conservatory.   Currently, Shonna works as a freelance director and producer in film, television, and digital content. She made her directorial debut with the short film Residue, has produced award-winning short films, and has directed branded digital content for companies across the GTA. She is also a board member of BIPOC TV & Film, where she actively drives and oversees several of their Youth & Emerging Talent initiatives and partnerships. 

I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with a brand which champions the voices of Black women and the Black experience. As a celebration of our hair journeys and collective experiences, the Gold Series project is personal to me and my loved ones, and is also created in honor of our ancestors. I’m thankful to be creating this piece with a company who supports the advancement of Black directors by creating the space for us to tell our stories through our own lens.