Meet the experts who continue to revitalize Gold Series and highlight the versatility and most importantly, the beauty of textured hair.

The Soul Behind the Science

The dedicated team of PhDs and scientists at Gold Series have worked for over ten years to develop a haircare line using innovative technology and superior ingredients formulated specifically for textured hair. Inspired by their loved ones and their personal hair journeys, the souls behind the science of Gold Series have mined their deep knowledge and fondest hair memories to develop a unique line of products that deliver unrivaled benefits to care for, style, and maintain textured hair.

My fondest memory of my personal hair journey was when my 1-year old daughter was beaming after my most recent ‘big chop,’ running her hands through my hair and was excited that we have the same hairstyle.

Isoken Igwekala-Nweke, Gold Series Senior Scientist, PhD

As the father of a young daughter, I’ve become acutely aware of what the world tells her about herself. Her hair and how she feels about it has a huge impact on her self-confidence. Contributing to the development of Gold Series, for me, means making her hair Journey a little bit easier, so she can face the world more confidently while loving her hair.

Ian Henry, Gold Series Scientist, PhD and R&D Manager

Dr. Rolanda Wilkerson “The Science of Beauty” TEDxTalk

In this informative TEDx Talk called “The Science of Beauty”, Dr. Rolanda Wilkerson breaks down the science behind hair and how through her work as Principal Scientist for Gold Series, she is helping women of African ancestry embrace and care for their natural hair.