The Stories

We understand the strong point of connection in the Black community with hair and its impact on personal identity, self-esteem and confidence.  In partnership with Black Women in Motion, we are proud to introduce the #MyHairMyStory campaign which amplifies the voices of eight Black women and their personal hair journeys, celebrating their hair for what it is: uniquely beautiful and uniquely theirs.

  • Monica Samuel

    Our hair tells the story of our identity, our culture, and the strength and resistance of our ancestors. When someone says “your hair is just your hair” – our hair is not just hair, it’s so powerful.

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  • Dr. Cheryl Thompson

    For Black women, hair is an intimate way to get to know who you are.

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  • Janet Jackson

    For a hairstylist, Black hair is a great canvas because you can manipulate it into anything that you want. Black hair is not only versatile, but it’s also magical.

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  • Josiane Konaté

    I want people to know that textured hair is valid, it’s beautiful, it’s dope – because we can pretty much do anything we want with our hair.

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  • Monique Taylor-Yee Shui

    I want my girls to continue to embrace their hair and see their beautiful textures reflected in different areas of life. As young girls grow up, they need to embrace their hair and the beauty of it.

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  • Gail & Leslie Thompson

    I love that my hair is as unique as a fingerprint. There was a time in my life when fitting in was important, and now I love being able to stand apart. – Leslie

    Black women are really finding their voice and confidence to say, “this is how I choose to wear my hair, and no, I will not answer your questions if I think they’re inappropriate. – Gail

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  • Stephanie Henry

    When it comes to hair and how it plays a role in relationships, that conversation is a big deal. My fiancé is Italian and German and that was a whole other conversation we had to have. It’s a form of bonding, and he recognized that while we were bonding over my hair.

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