Gail & Leslie Thompson

I love that my hair as unique as a fingerprint. There was a time in my life when fitting in was really important, and now I love being able to stand apart. – Leslie 

Black women are really finding their voice and the confidence to say, “this is how I choose to wear my hair, and no, I will not answer your questions if I think they’re inappropriate. – Gail  

Gail & Leslie Thompson, the Long & Short of Style sister duo, embarked on a blog journey focusing on body positivity and body diversity, with the mission of changing the beauty and fashion landscape for the better. The Long and Short of Style is a space that represents the tall and plus size women of the world, where they talk all things beauty, fashion, body diversity, body positivity and female empowerment.

We are proud to partner with Gold Series to share #MyHairMyStory: a movement where, along with other beautiful Black women, we celebrate our crowns and what makes them uniquely beautiful! This campaign captures the essence, the dynamism and the multifaceted beauty of Black women. We feel seen, heard and appreciated, and love to see Black women setting the standard of beauty for ourselves.