Stephanie Henry

When it comes to hair and how it plays a role in relationships, that conversation is a big deal. My fiancé is Italian and German and that was a whole other conversation we had to have. It’s a form of bonding, and he recognized that while we were bonding over my hair.

Stephanie Henry is the traffic reporter and On-air Host at Breakfast Television Toronto. She is also a reporter and producer on CityNews Toronto, 680 News, and recently she has been working as a producer on the #CitylineReal on Race YouTube series with Cityline host Tracy Moore. 

I have always put so much weight in how I present myself, a lot of the focus being on my hair. This, mostly because I never saw myself in the media I watched so closely growing up. I viewed my hair like it was a problem. Over 5 years ago, I stopped. I decided to love on my hair, take care of my hair and stopped damaging it to reach a standard of beauty set by people who don’t even look like me in the first place. It’s an honour to tell my story and be part of the #MyHairMyStory campaign with Gold Series which is focused on Black hair, keeping it healthy and beautiful no matter how you wear it.